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Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Oakland

If you were involved in a single vehicle accident in the Oakland area, we can help. Our law firm is dedicated to helping people who have been involved in car accidents, and we accomplish this by handling their insurance claims or filing personal injury lawsuits if someone else was responsible for their accident. We can aid you in seeking money for your injuries, property damage and other losses you experienced as a result of your accident, helping you move on with your life with the least disruption possible.

Single Vehicle Car Accidents

Single vehicle car accidents bring up particular concerns in terms of insurance claims or lawsuits. When only one vehicle is involved in an accident, this is usually with a fixed object such as a tree, street sign, building or parked car. There may be no one to blame but the driver of the car. In these cases, an attorney can still help. Whether you were the driver or a passenger in a single vehicle accident in the Oakland area, an attorney at our law firm can conduct an investigation into exactly what caused the accident. This may reveal that another driver inadvertently caused the accident by suddenly cutting in front of you or swerving into your lane, causing you to take evasive measures. We may be able to seek out the other driver and work to prove that he or she was at fault.

Or, perhaps you actually were to blame for the accident. You may have been momentarily distracted and were suddenly involved in a collision. In these matters, your car accident lawyer at our firm can work with your own insurance company to seek a fair settlement on your behalf.

Oakland Car Accident Attorney

In handling a single vehicle accident claim, our firm's primary goal will be to assist you in recovering the money that will help you pay for damage to your car, cover medical expenses and essentially help you recover and rebuild.

Contact an Oakland single vehicle accident attorney at our law firm to see how we can help with your case.